17 July 2017

Latourell Falls

Two summers ago I visited Latourell Falls by myself.  This summer Ralph wanted to hike around it.

So we did. 😊

28 June 2017

Canby's Logging Road Trail

My home town Canby has a hiking trail.  It's a section of what used to be the Molalla Forest Road which ran from Molalla to the Willamette River in Canby.  Logging trucks would bring timber via that route to the river.  Years ago much of the trail was just gravel but today it is all asphalt and very well maintained. 

The trail dissects the city and runs through neighborhoods, past a golf course, the city public works, a school, and the last remnants of a farm that once had horses but is now becoming a new subdivision.  It's mostly a flat trail although it does pass over a highway and another road.  The trail is pretty close to 3.5 miles one way.

June 22nd, the day after school got out for the Summer, I decided I'd start walking this trail daily for exercise.  Ha!  Life got crazy and I haven't walked it since.

I found a geocache on the trail.  There are quite a few caches along the trail.  I've found most of them over the years.  Some have disappeared and new ones pop up every now and then.

I love this trail so close to home.

21 June 2017

Suttle Lake Revisited

Suttle Lake is fast becoming one of our favorite places to get away for the day. 

We can't resist the three mile hike around it and the beautiful views.

Our dream is to purchase our very own canoe and bring it to Suttle Lake for its first time on the water.

Previous posts about Suttle Lake:

18 June 2017

The Long Winter

Foster Reservoir in Sweet Home, Oregon

It's been six months since I added anything to this old blog.  It was a long winter with so many frustrating snow days and lots of ice and darkness and gloom and rain.  Our state broke its own record for the most rain in the month of February.  I generally don't mind rain, but after what seemed like eight months of non-stop rain and more snow than I ever care to see again in my life, even I began to grow weary of it.

But hey, it's June now and the weather app on my phone forecasts sunshine for the next ten days.  School gets out in three days.  Things are looking up!

17 December 2016

Sew Much Fun

These past few weeks, Santa's elves have been busy making little needle books.

I gave these seven away to my coworkers.

Then, because I used postal themed fabric, I decided to make one for our letter carrier.  Our dog absolutely LOVES her for her pocket full of doggie biscuits.  We think she is great too.

We usually give her cash at Christmas but this year I'm going to slip the cash in the inside front pocket...

... while the fabulous little fold-up Fiskars scissors will occupy the inside back pocket.

Who are you surprising this year?

05 November 2016

Huge News!

Once upon a time Lucy crocheted two little ducks, one yellow and one pink.  She attached travel bug dog tags to them and launched them in my direction (Oregon) from her country, the Netherlands.

You may remember that in 2015 Lucy's yellow duck travel bug made it to Oregon in just three weeks time and I drove to Wildcat Mountain to retrieve the duck from the cache.  You can read all about that here.

Yeah, well, I am SO SO SO excited to share with you that not only did her yellow duck make it to Oregon, but yesterday, a year later, the pink duck also made it.

I retrieved the pink duck!!!

the cache

In the hands of other geocachers this duck traveled around the Netherlands for a long time.  It spent some time traveling around France.  It visited Paris, Spain, Germany, Texas, Missouri, and Wisconsin, before finally making it to Oregon.

And not just anywhere in Oregon, but Portland. I didn't have to drive very far to get it.  I'm fortunate today was Saturday and I didn't have to work.  I was able to head out early to find it before someone else did.

See the pink duck in a baggy on the second floor of this "inn"?  It's a great place to take shelter on a rainy day.  I guess the duck was lounging in the dining area.  The bottom floor of the inn is the spa and has a hot tub.  I'm not sure what the top floor was for but each level was lit.

I brought the little pink duck home to join its twin.  When I hold these ducks in my hand, it's amazing to think that Lucy made these and once held them in her hands.  That yarn was twisted around her fingers as she worked it with a hook to form a couple of little ducks that would have an amazing adventure and fly all over the world and eventually arrive at their destination.  In my hands. Reunited.  They once sat on her dresser and now they sit on my shelf.  I shake my head in wonder.

Back when Lucy launched her travel bugs, I also launched a couple of travel bugs (duck calls - lol) in Lucy's direction but they have not had as much success in reaching her as her ducks have had in reaching me.  I'm not giving up hope that at least one of them will reach her some day.  I want her to experience the thrill of holding something in her hands that I picked out and launched for her and her daughter (they are a team).

Anyway, I'm so happy to be able to share this news with you.  It is truly amazing that both ducks made it without getting lost or stolen.  Sometimes the greatest thrills in life don't cost much at all.  And wonderful friendships grow from playing the craziest games.

28 August 2016

Tamanawas Falls

It's been a month since we hiked on Sauvie Island.  On that hike I aggravated an earlier foot injury and even after a month it is still bothering me somewhat but I was pretty sure another hike would not make it worse.

Yesterday we decided to drive highway 26 and veer off onto 35 to the east side of Mount Hood and hike the Tamanawas Falls trail.  We got an early enough start because the pullout for parking at the trailhead wasn't full yet.  We knew by the amount of cars there that only a handful of people were ahead of us on the trail.

The trail follows Cold Spring Creek much of the way.  There are many places to take off shoes and socks and wade in the creek.

It's not a difficult hike although there are boulders to step over and rockslides to cross.  Eventually we rounded a bend and caught our first glimpse of the falls.

It was just a short distance after that to the falls where we joined the small group who arrived before us. There isn't really anything but a slope of rocks and boulders from a rockslide to serve as a place to sit or stand.  The mist from the waterfall was cool and refreshing.  After sitting a while and enjoying the scenery, we retraced our steps back to the trailhead and headed home.

An easy hike, it was the perfect distance (3.8 miles round trip) and elevation gain (500 feet).  My foot handled it well.

The school year has begun.  Gone are the long lazy days of summer but in their place is the gentle rhythm of schedule and routine.  Both are good.